Brand new Aohi WXQ-XQ JIGUOOR 5-30mm 0.01mm Inside Steel Stainless Microme $41 Aohi WXQ-XQ JIGUOOR 5-30mm 0.01mm Stainless Steel Inside Microme Industrial Scientific Test, Measure Inspect Brand new Aohi WXQ-XQ JIGUOOR 5-30mm 0.01mm Inside Steel Stainless Microme $41 Aohi WXQ-XQ JIGUOOR 5-30mm 0.01mm Stainless Steel Inside Microme Industrial Scientific Test, Measure Inspect Inside,JIGUOOR,5-30mm,Aohi,Microme,$41,Industrial Scientific , Test, Measure Inspect,0.01mm,,WXQ-XQ,Steel,/ornithophilite1912959.html,Stainless Inside,JIGUOOR,5-30mm,Aohi,Microme,$41,Industrial Scientific , Test, Measure Inspect,0.01mm,,WXQ-XQ,Steel,/ornithophilite1912959.html,Stainless

Brand new Aohi WXQ-XQ JIGUOOR 5-30mm 0.01mm Limited Special Price Inside Steel Stainless Microme

Aohi WXQ-XQ JIGUOOR 5-30mm 0.01mm Stainless Steel Inside Microme


Aohi WXQ-XQ JIGUOOR 5-30mm 0.01mm Stainless Steel Inside Microme

Product description

We are the best quality shop, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask us, welcome to buy, we will usually reply all your messages within 3-8 hours.
The precise mechanical structure makes reading conveniently
Built-in stop force device to ensure accurate repetitive readings
Insulation frame design
High efficiency by one hand measurement
High quality metal measuring surface, durable.

Specification :
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Range: 5-30mm
Resolution: 0.01mm

Package includeds :

1 x Inside Micrometer
1 x Wood Case
1 x Wrench



Aohi WXQ-XQ JIGUOOR 5-30mm 0.01mm Stainless Steel Inside Microme

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