$84 JINLI-CASE Durable 1Pc 6218 High Temperature Bearing 90x160x30mm Industrial Scientific Power Transmission Products /intentionality2160861.html,Temperature,1Pc,diarioregional.mx,$84,JINLI-CASE,Industrial Scientific , Power Transmission Products,High,90x160x30mm,6218,Durable,Bearing $84 JINLI-CASE Durable 1Pc 6218 High Temperature Bearing 90x160x30mm Industrial Scientific Power Transmission Products /intentionality2160861.html,Temperature,1Pc,diarioregional.mx,$84,JINLI-CASE,Industrial Scientific , Power Transmission Products,High,90x160x30mm,6218,Durable,Bearing JINLI-CASE Durable 1Pc 6218 High Bearing Temperature Soldering 90x160x30mm JINLI-CASE Durable 1Pc 6218 High Bearing Temperature Soldering 90x160x30mm

JINLI-CASE Durable 1Pc Large discharge sale 6218 High Bearing Temperature Soldering 90x160x30mm

JINLI-CASE Durable 1Pc 6218 High Temperature Bearing 90x160x30mm


JINLI-CASE Durable 1Pc 6218 High Temperature Bearing 90x160x30mm

Product description

High Temperature Bearings Introduction:

High-temperature applications demand bearings that can withstand extreme heat without sacrificing performance, durability or reliability.
High temperature bearings are manufactured specifically for applications that run in harsh environments where machines can't be greased as in low or room temperature applications.
These bearings which are ideal for extreme high temperature applications are designed to provide high reliability, longer life and reduce machine operating costs


These bearings support conveyor rolls that are designed to transport a variety of materials through industrial furnaces or ovens.
Generally, they are operated at slow speeds (up to 400 RPM).
These bearings are usually located on the outside of the furnace/oven with the shaft extending through the heated area.
In a rare instance, bearings are located inside the furnace or oven.
Typical applications include:
- Heat treat equipment
- Kilns, curing furnaces, etc.
- Food processing conveyors (bakeries, etc.)

JINLI-CASE Durable 1Pc 6218 High Temperature Bearing 90x160x30mm

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