Tire,-,with,diarioregional.mx,/electrowin2199315.html,Motorcycle Powersports , Parts,SR550,Shinko,Street,$80,Wall,Set,Honda,Compatible,White Tire,-,with,diarioregional.mx,/electrowin2199315.html,Motorcycle Powersports , Parts,SR550,Shinko,Street,$80,Wall,Set,Honda,Compatible,White $80 Shinko SR550 Street White Wall Tire Set - Compatible with Honda Motorcycle Powersports Parts Shinko SR550 Street White Wall Tire Compatible Set with - Inexpensive Honda $80 Shinko SR550 Street White Wall Tire Set - Compatible with Honda Motorcycle Powersports Parts Shinko SR550 Street White Wall Tire Compatible Set with - Inexpensive Honda

Shinko SR550 Street White Wall List price Tire Compatible Set with - Inexpensive Honda

Shinko SR550 Street White Wall Tire Set - Compatible with Honda


Shinko SR550 Street White Wall Tire Set - Compatible with Honda

Product description

The Shinko SR550 mini bike street white wall tire set. This is a great tire for a classy work as you cruise around town.

  • 4 ply rating
  • J speed rating (62 mph)
  • DOT approved

Tire Size
  • Front Tire - 8
  • Rear Tire - 8

Fitment Notes:
  • Check the tire size currently installed on your motorcycle before purchasing. Sometimes the original wheel has been replaced with a different size.
  • Tire sizes are matched as close as possible to the original tire.
  • Both the front and rear tire are the same

Fits Honda:

Z50A - 1968-1981
Z50R - 1979-1999
Z50RD Special - 1986

Shinko SR550 Street White Wall Tire Set - Compatible with Honda

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