Stren-Flex - Made in USA 05 Houston Mall Web Eye ft Twisted Polyester $23 Stren-Flex - Made in USA - 05 ft Polyester Twisted Eye Eye Web Industrial Scientific Material Handling Products Stren-Flex - Made in USA 05 Houston Mall Web Eye ft Twisted Polyester -,Twisted,,in,$23,ft,05,Stren-Flex,Polyester,Industrial Scientific , Material Handling Products,/dosage2160734.html,Web,Made,USA,Eye,-,Eye -,Twisted,,in,$23,ft,05,Stren-Flex,Polyester,Industrial Scientific , Material Handling Products,/dosage2160734.html,Web,Made,USA,Eye,-,Eye $23 Stren-Flex - Made in USA - 05 ft Polyester Twisted Eye Eye Web Industrial Scientific Material Handling Products

Stren-Flex - Made Spasm price in USA 05 Houston Mall Web Eye ft Twisted Polyester

Stren-Flex - Made in USA - 05 ft Polyester Twisted Eye Eye Web


Stren-Flex - Made in USA - 05 ft Polyester Twisted Eye Eye Web

Product description

Polyester web slings are used primarily in conditions where acid is present or a minimum stretch is desired. Polyester is unaffected by some common acids and bleaching agents, but the material is unsuitable for use in conditions where concentrated sulfuric acid and alkaline is present. Polyester is also unsuitable in locations where temperatures exceed 194° F (90° C). Stretch of a polyester web sling at rated capacity is approximately 3%.

Stren-Flex - Made in USA - 05 ft Polyester Twisted Eye Eye Web

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