Factory outlet Turnbuckle Wire Tensioner Hook and Rope Tension Stai Eye Wire,Tensioner,Turnbuckle,$25,diarioregional.mx,/dosage1912734.html,Rope,Eye),Wire,and,Industrial Scientific , Material Handling Products,(Hook,Stai,Tension, Factory outlet Turnbuckle Wire Tensioner Hook and Rope Tension Stai Eye $25 Turnbuckle Wire Tensioner (Hook and Eye) Wire Rope Tension, Stai Industrial Scientific Material Handling Products $25 Turnbuckle Wire Tensioner (Hook and Eye) Wire Rope Tension, Stai Industrial Scientific Material Handling Products Wire,Tensioner,Turnbuckle,$25,diarioregional.mx,/dosage1912734.html,Rope,Eye),Wire,and,Industrial Scientific , Material Handling Products,(Hook,Stai,Tension,

Gifts Factory outlet Turnbuckle Wire Tensioner Hook and Rope Tension Stai Eye

Turnbuckle Wire Tensioner (Hook and Eye) Wire Rope Tension, Stai


Turnbuckle Wire Tensioner (Hook and Eye) Wire Rope Tension, Stai

Product description


Name: M6 Flower Basket Screw, 1/8 M3 Wire Rope Clamp, M3 Loop Thimble

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Turnbuckle Type: M6

Wire Rope Cable Clips amp; Thimbles Type: M3, Fit 1/8 inch wire rope

Color: Silver

Size: As Shown

Package included:

5 pcs * M6 Flower Basket Screw

20 pcs * 1/8 M3 Wire Rope Clamp

10 pcs * M3 Loop Thimble

Turnbuckle Wire Tensioner (Hook and Eye) Wire Rope Tension, Stai

Krishnadas Rajagopal
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