high-Performance,2018,bit,Hard,1Set,diarioregional.mx,/Gammarus2160675.html,HSS,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,ANYUFEI,and,$22,Drill,Sturdy ANYUFEI high-Performance Hard and Sturdy bit Drill HSS El Paso Mall 2018 1Set high-Performance,2018,bit,Hard,1Set,diarioregional.mx,/Gammarus2160675.html,HSS,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,ANYUFEI,and,$22,Drill,Sturdy $22 ANYUFEI high-Performance Hard and Sturdy Drill bit 2018 1Set HSS Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $22 ANYUFEI high-Performance Hard and Sturdy Drill bit 2018 1Set HSS Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools ANYUFEI high-Performance Hard and Sturdy bit Drill HSS El Paso Mall 2018 1Set

ANYUFEI high-Performance Hard and Sturdy bit Drill HSS El Paso Quality inspection Mall 2018 1Set

ANYUFEI high-Performance Hard and Sturdy Drill bit 2018 1Set HSS


ANYUFEI high-Performance Hard and Sturdy Drill bit 2018 1Set HSS

Product description

Material: High Speed Steel
Dimensions: As pictures shown.(approx)
Die Size: M1.1x0.25, M1.2x0.25, M1.4x0.3, M1.6x0.35
Tap Size: M1.1x0.25, M1.2x0.25, M1.4x0.3, M1.6x0.35
Wrench length: 123mm(4.84in)
Color: Silver
Quantity: 1 set


Professional tool for commercial or occasional use.
High speed steel (HSS) is the best material for tap and dies.
Perfect for model making / watchmaking or small engineering work.
Tap and die set made of high quality HSS material ensure excellent service life and durability.
Metric size taps and dies.
Multi-purpose: Tap and die set is perfect for repairing and creating a wide range of threads and perfect for working in tightly confined areas.
Easy to carry, it can be operated freely in a small space.

Package includes:
1 x Die Holder
4 pcs x Taps
4 pcs x Dies
2 pcs x Special Dies
1 x Screw
only the above package content, other products are not included.
1. Please allow 1-3mm errors caused by manual measurement. Please make sure you don’t mind before triggering
2. The color may show different differences, please understand

ANYUFEI high-Performance Hard and Sturdy Drill bit 2018 1Set HSS

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